Firewall Economics Home Page.

This will be a place where I can create an easy to understand explanation of firewall economics, a search for a rational way to blend capitalism and socialism. Blend is not a good word because I believe they don’t mix well at all. and most of our problems come from doing just that, trying to mix them. I think we should keep them apart. The public sector should be involved in the provision of necessities, and the private sector should be restricted to everything else.

When the right wing is in power they try and pull the economy so far into the private sector that we are in constant danger of exploitation over expenses we can not control like basic utilities. The left has never been anywhere near being in of control of the US, but there is no reason to restrict capitalism in areas that are no danger to the provision of basic human needs.

My first attempt to fly this idea was to put it in an entertaining work of fiction that people would read. I wrote a novel called THE FIREWALL SEDITION and put it up on Amazon but I intended the book to be something I could give to social workers to give to their clients. Social workers know that poverty is the cause of almost all the problems people come to us to help them with. The state hires us with the idea that we will do counseling and police the poor, but what we usually do is provide a political and economic crash course in how to fight back against predatory capitalism. Since we end up saying the same things over and over, I thought I might try and put them in a book that people enjoy reading. My book is only a little preachy with lots of action and suspense. This is indeed an experiment. I know of no other social worker who has written a novel. I hope I am not the last. Joe Phillips 7-14-11

THE FIREWALL SEDITION is available at in paperback at 15 dollars and in a Kindle ebook for 3 dollars.